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Sweet Golden Buns

Now as most of my friends know I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I probably have a whole jaw of them stuffed in a jar in the fridge somewhere… (Excuse the Hannibal humour,I’ve just finished binge-watching the season for the nth time. If it wasn’t Hannibal Lecter basting a steak in the most glorious manner,… Continue reading Sweet Golden Buns

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Creamy Buttery Blueberry Scones

In honour of our independence celebrations, I thought I’d make something British for dessert as the mains were purely Indian chicken curry! I entered the kitchen with the idea that I’m making pie, and ended up making the most Brit thing ever, scones. The confusion only happened when I went to refrigerate my pie dough… Continue reading Creamy Buttery Blueberry Scones

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Must Try Piri-Piri Baked Popcorn Chicken!

Popcorn Chicken is something we love to eat all the time. It’s light, yum, and an easy way to satisfy a craving. It’s best had from KFC, followed by every other fast-food joint around. It’s a family favourite too, but with no wish to try out junk food, I decided to make it at home.… Continue reading Must Try Piri-Piri Baked Popcorn Chicken!

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Breaking Bread – Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

This week has been good and yet a little weird, working on new things always has a lot to throw at us. Today was a little slow but still intense. So I got home and decided to do a little more than I was going to. Apparently when work gets too much for me these… Continue reading Breaking Bread – Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

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Penne with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Hot Jalapeños

Pasta is the easiest and quickest of meals to set up. For me it’s a lifesaver. I can just run in from work, throw a couple of things together and there’s a lovely pasta dinner ready to be dug into! Usually throwing together things I like a lot as long as they’re available in the… Continue reading Penne with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Hot Jalapeños


Voila Ginger Cranberry Cupcakes!

I’m a baker at heart. I love the easy relaxed feeling that cooking in an oven gives. I’d bake all the time If I was allowed. Savoury as well as sweet. It even perks me up when I’m a little down and writing or reading aren’t really helping me. On days that make me really… Continue reading Voila Ginger Cranberry Cupcakes!